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Bob & Beatrice, a.k.a. William & Trixie Bio

Bob, a.k.a. William is shown here in the faded red hat, between the red daisy pinwheel and the yellow watering can.

Beatrice, a.k.a Trixie is directly behind the pink-ish pinwheel. Hard to see, but fully present.

Given Name: Bob & Beatrice

Preferred Chosen Name: William & Trixie

Emerged: 4-30-24 on a drive to the local hardware store.

Group Classification: Local gnomes

Occupation: TBD, To Be Determined

Special Skills and Training: TBD

Current Domain: Northeastern New York


Origin Story: Undisclosed at this time.

First Impressions: We were driving in the truck, heading to pick up some lumber when my wife called out a gnome sighting. I grabbed a pen and jotted down notes the best I could, as the truck bounced around. This is what my wife picked up about these two upon first seeing them...

Chronicling Changes: N/A Not Applicable

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