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Gnome Update 5-28-24

Updated: Jun 2

Formerly called the M.A.G.I.C. Update (Mutal Assembly of Gnome Integration Center).

G.N.O.M.E. In this context stands for Gnostic Netters Orchestrating Mid Ether

Today we wish Great Grandpa Henry a very happy and blessed birthday with a year full of happy surprises, good health and quality people 🎂

This extraordinary Gnomes book, by Wil Huygens & Rien Pourtvliet with a forward by Brian Froud, came into my life for Mother’s Day. My son and daughter in law sent it to me. Yesterday they celebrated eight years together!

The first thing I noticed about the book is that they have written much of it in cursive. This is interesting because I have been reteaching myself cursive while journaling with gnome ideologies.

From the kitchen, I hear my wife say, “Slitzweitz, it means goodbye.” I love that she picked up the book and opened it’s pages.

An invitation into a parallel, yet thinly separated world. The gnomes that I interact with are from a frequency of playful learning, and spiritual growth.

The busy season has gotten started here at Homestead Orchard. I find myself in the greenhouse, planting trees, moving pallets, in the forest and/or working in the field. It’s planting season, so the gnome reminder to play from my kids was a welcome escape from the day to day of things.

The website automatically renewed, so I guess we’ll be playing around with this nonsense for another year or so. As long as it remains fun and therapeutic.

This gnome project will eventually be my thesis for my degree in art therapy. I’ve already trained as a somatic therapist, so art and psychology are naturally transferable skills.

Below is a compilation of this month’s gnome activities, featuring Rosa, Plato and the six cases I personally acquired. With the West coast gnomes we just need 24 more to meet our critical mass shift amount of 144 gnomes.

At a recent party with Plato (after the Green Up Day event), I explained to someone how this is what happens when one burns out from working in human services. One can never fully retire. They'll start collecting and writing case files and incident reports on gnomes.

And here we are…

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