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Greenhouse Cleanup with Sheela

Updated: May 2

4-27-24 Sheela oversaw a garden cleanup project that we had all been procrastinating with.

Sheela and Manny pose for a photo opportunity before embarking on an adventure outside of the schoolhouse.

Sheela takes a moment to sit with the recovered Medicine Wheel Stones, on the patio table before her first foray in the lawn with the chickens. See Incident Report for more details.

The condition of the greenhouse after being over-wintered.

The rainbow chard and Chinese greens made it through the season in good condition for zone 4. Note the green plant stand on the right wall near the door. Sheela does something special with this space.

I had brought out all the containers I could find to get ready to plant the starts for this season. Just had to mix up some fresh soil.

The first thing Sheela prioritized was getting fresh air into the greenhouse. I'll post an updated image of the door. She basically rolled up the plastic and tied it up for the season. This helped with fresh air flow and with easing accessibility.

Sheela had a good idea on how to roll up the plastic for the season.

This is the little shelf space Sheela carved out for herself. She adorned the area with items she found laying around in the greenhouse. Chandelier crystals from my many art projects, and flower petals that were in a flat from a previously worn Hawaiian lay.

In a gnome twist, I turned around and Sheela had made her way across the greenhouse, nestled in the top, between the two repurposed sliding glass doors.

Sheela looking fabulous, adorned with her new chicken feathers and the courage of a thousand gnomes.

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