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Incident Report 4-27-24

Date: Saturday, 4-27-24

Time: 1:47 pm ish

Individuals involved: Sheela, the little gray Favaucana, a black Australorp, and an auburn Olive Egger chicken.

Antecedent: Being ground level and shinny around free-range chickens. I set Sheela on the ground for the first time, not thinking about the chickens' curiosity.

Description of the incident: Around 1:30 in the afternoon, Sheela and I took a break between assignments to bask in the sun for a minute. No sooner did I put her down, a few chickens appeared.

Injuries or damage sustained: None to be reported.

Resolution: Sheela was quickly reloaded to a safer location.

Photo documentation:

Sheela touching the earth for the first time, on the afternoon of the incident.

The Favaucana.

The Australorps, and Olive Eggers.

Chickens circling the greenhouse.

Sheela safely inside the greenhouse with champion chicken feathers added to her hat.

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