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Mountain Rock Gnome Bio

Gnomes of Mountain Rock

Given Name: Not applicable N/A

Preferred Chosen Name: N/A

Emerged: Winter of 2024

Group Classification: Mountain Rock Gnomes

Occupation: Vague

Special Skills: Joyful dwellers

Current Domain: Mountain Rock, Gnome Pass

Pronouns: N/A

Origin Story: Their community grew quickly. It started with a couple gnomes. Big Red appeared in February, making at least three gnomes. Next I noticed little bee looking gnomes in the trees and down the road. Got me looking into “packs of gnomes.”. The stake gnomes arrived as a group. Then at least two additional large gnomes arrived in late March/early April.

First Impressions: Not much is known about these gnomes as they are not a part of our property. They’re locals living down the road and are presenting as free-range, sovereign, self-governed gnomes.

Chronicling Changes:

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