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Mr. B of the Thrice Great Tribe of Bees Bio

Updated: May 2

Given Name: B

Preferred Chosen Name: Mr. B

Emerged: 4-27-24

Group Classification: Second Scout. Thrice great Tribe of Bees. 

Occupation: Netter, Guardian of the Jed Pillar

Specialized Skill: Dance, sacred geometry.

Current Domain: The Net

Pronouns: He/him

Origin Story: April 29-24. The second to emerge on paper. Second of the three foundational scouts that I understand are present.

They’ve been emerging so quickly, I’ve had to stay up late catching up on all the paperwork. He’ll be physically selected later today and photographed for posterity.

First Impressions: Mathematician, into sacred geometry. Has a B tattoo on his back. He says it’s in honor of a Celtic rune stone, celebrated in norse symbology.

Mr. B offers immediately that he’s been “in recovery” for 324 years. Obviously it’s different for gnomes than humans, but apparently they have similar support groups to the AA/NA meetings. While they’ve been shown to share human pleasures, Mr. B’s addiction was nectar based.

Chronicling Changes:

Preparing them to remove their labels and activate them.

Goofy around during a photo shoot of the remodeled bathroom.

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