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Lord Manwë Súlimo Bio

Updated: Apr 30

Given Name: Manwë Súlimo

Preferred Chosen Name: Manny

Emerged: 4-25-24, for The Healing Path

Group Classification: First volunteer

Occupation: Elder Counsel, Gnome in residency, Vermont, U.S.A.

Special Skills: Siberian throat singing, Knife specialist, Harley-Davidson enthusiast, King of the Valar

Current Domain: Sugar Maple

Pronouns: Lord, or His Lordship

Origin Story: Source, God, Love to

China to

Rutland County, VT to

Our Homestead on 4-25-24


First Impressions: Lord Sulimo arrived this morning as a part of the group of 36 gnomes. He was the first one that stepped up to be processed. He identified himself as Manwe, and claims to be a king back home 👑

Lord’s here on a corporate work visa from China, so he must have some specialized skills. To be clear, he’s a legal immigrant, so let’s not start generalizing about immigration policies in this forum.

As I was helping him get ready for his new passport photo, he revealed that he has a passion for bird watching. To be real, he may have had a little bit of celebration juice and/or smoke onboard. It’s been a long journey and they all needed to blow off a little steam. Let’s not be judgey, least we walk a mile in their shoes.

When asked what pronoun he wanted me to put on his paperwork, he responded, “lord.” For date of birth, he had me put that he was born when the sea foam kissed the mountain dew. I do not feel he was referencing the soda pop drink, but I’m not clear if he was using a metaphor or a contextual event.

We’re all looking forward to learning more about Manwe and his colleagues in the future. Everyone here at The Day Room extends a warm welcome to our new friend and cohort.

Chronicling Changes:

4-25-24 Base design. Travel Ready.

4-26-24 Lavender upgrade.

4-28-24 Gold leaf flakes added to robe.

  • There has been mention of turning the nose green, and a request for sunglasses has been submitted.

CASE NOTES: 4-28-24 Art Studio Project:

Manny getting ready to go in the shed.

Manny drinking in the full scope of the project.

Smoke break.

End of day reflection.

Mouse Medicine appeared when we were working in the shed together. This led to a personal healing and dialog with the mouse, whom I had threatened the week before when hearing them in the attic.

The shed doesn’t have windows yet so it’s very dark, so I understood when Manny decided to live in the Sugar Maple across the way. Lord still has a bird’s eye view of the project and isn’t bogged down spiritually by the clutter at the worksite.

I feel that we've made significant progress in clearing out the shed and we even found a new basket for the egg overflow on the counter. Manny will be staying in the adjacent Sugar Maple for the duration of this project.

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