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Northeast Gnome Integration Center Updates 4-30-24

Updated: Apr 30

To quantify in words what this experience has been for me would be impossible. As it is, I struggle to piece this nonlinear experience together in a format that is at least three dimensional.

Today, I’m going through the notebook I bought specifically for the Eclipse on the 9th  to catch all the inspiration available from this cornucopia of energy. The notebook is full and I’m sorting through the different make-shift intakes I took, with an incident report, some case notes, and photos I caught of gnomes transitioning in through this first wave. 

Actual image of the eclipse notebook and the Gnome binder that emerged.

Retail Store Gnomes

Truck transport gnomes.

Clearly we are having a situation on the dimensional borders. It’s estimated that over 150,000 undocumented metaphysical beings are entering into our dimension every day. A table in our home has turned into a private immigration center. 

Gnome Immigration Center featuring the emergence of the Thrice Great Tribe of Bees.

I can report that 99.99% of the gnomes that I’m processing are from China. This just means that their earthly vessels were crafted in China, and are not a representation of their full majesty & diversity. Our gnomes are a bit different though as they are legal immigrants, here on a corporate work visa. 

“The company,” hasn’t revealed much about their current assignment other than I’m to make-up and process their paperwork. Document activities through case notes and incident reports, as it pertains to gnomes, and provide therapy services as needed.

Again, they’re either being vague about their ultimate mission or it’s not clear to them yet. Gnomes live in the moment, throwing themselves fully into whatever task is before them, but they also have a pragmatic sense of duty. Gnomes definitely stand with a strong sense of purpose. One of the gnomes may have let it slip the other night that they are gathering in counsels of twelve. Each branch is to network with twelve groups of twelve. This has something to do with forging a new dimensional bridge within our worlds.

They acknowledge the realms of duality, but have assured me that they, “work for the seed of the divine.” They come in Love, they dwell in love, and they cultivate and generate love. Bottom line, they’re all about the good vibes and love. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably a troll, or gobblin. I will be learning and documenting all that I can about gnomes, from lore and legend to the practical ins and outs of daily life. 

In the spirit of linear thinking, I will use this date as a jumping off point for moving forward with my prior general assessments as documented in the notes dates below:

  • Activated (bar code removed) gnomes are best housed outside the main schoolhouse. Some have been painted but haven’t received the weather resistant proofing yet.

  • When photographing gnomes, it’s best to approach the process from all angles.

  • Some (if not all) gnomes carry earth elements within them.

  • Check their undersides. Sometimes there's identifying information listed.

  • For the sake of order, I’ll be updating relevant biographical gnome information directly to their profile. At this time.

  • There is gnome chatter about a “game of consciousness” unfolding on a new level. They speak of May, which is only a week away. I hope to be more caught up on the paperwork by then.

  • More news to come...

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