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Plato of the Thrice Great Tribe of Bees Bio

Updated: May 2

Given Name: Plato Roy Al

Preferred Chosen Name: Plato

Emerged: 4-27-24

Group Classification: First scout on the scene from the Tribe of Bees.

Occupation: Scout, Netter, Philosopher

Specialized Skills: Astronomy, physics, numerology, nectar connoisseur.

Current Domain: The net

Pronouns: The Merlin

Origin Story: April 27-24. Emerged while listening to a podcast. I had had glimpses of him in the past when I was imagining the limitless design possibilities. Space became available after Manny moved from the house to the greenhouse.

They’ve been emerging so quickly, I’ve had to stay up late catching up on all the paperwork. He’ll be physically selected later today and photographed for posterity.

The yellow one.

First Impressions: The first information The Merlin Plato shares, is that he loves his side hustle of writing a popular Travel blogging. Since The Merlin travels so much for work, The Merlin has decided to spend all free time seeking out the local treasures. The Merlin’s Travel blog is one of the most successful blogs of their home dimension, as well as The Merlin Perspective’s podcast. Plato is sporting the “show’s” merchandise which suggests that The Merlin is still in the novelty stage of success… or is out of clean robes.

Hebrew letter bet, tattooed on his back.

Chronicling Changes:

Bringing the first three out to be processed.

Getting ready to remove their labels, thereby "activating" them.

Assigning them the first three letters in the Hebrew alphabet.

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