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South Gnome: Sheela Bio


Given Name: South, Shawndonese

Preferred Chosen Name: Sheela (pronounced Sheila)

Emerged: 4-09-24, for Eclipse, Conjunction, Full Moon.

Group Classification: Initial Eclipse Group, Four Directions

Occupation: TBD

Special Skills and Training

Current Domain: Greenhouse

Pronouns: Rainbow Unicorn

Origin Story: Original eclipse gnomes

First Impressions: Pink. We met when they were set up by the singing bowl for the eclipse on April 09, 2024. They were placed in the four directions on April 10, 2024.

Sheela was the first to be brought back in the house and painted. 

  • Glenda Energy 4-28-24 12:21 am. In the original book The Wizard of Oz, Glenda was the good witch of the south.

Chronicling Changes: (Photo borrowed from Primordial Pink Gnome)

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