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Sunflower Longstocking Bio

Given Name: Sunflower Longfellow

Preferred Chosen Name: Pippi

Emerged: After Big Red, and before the eclipse gnomes. March 2024

Group Classification: Alpha Sunflower

Occupation: Keeper of the Ancestral Forest Gate, Akashic records keeper.

Specialized Skills: Interpreter (speaks over 700 languages), plays the banjo.

Current Domain: Easter Egg Cove


Origin Story: Pippi arrived on the property a couple weeks after Red Hat showed up at Mountain Rock. The whole “mass gnome immigration” hadn’t begun yet, so we just thought we had procured a regular, ornamental garden gnome. Little did we know…

Yesterday 4-29-24, Pippi and the entire Easter Egg Cove moved to a new location in the forest. They're centered around paying tribute and blessings to the local families who  lived, worked and died with the land in and around the area.

I realize that there’s more to these gates and gnomes than I could ever understand.

They’ve explained that it’s not about how long one has lived in a space, but rather a reflection of the quality of time they spent with the land and its many networks.

First Impressions: Bright.

Chronicling Changes:

4-29-24 Settling in at the new Easter Egg Cove

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