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The M.A.G.I.C. Update…

Updated: 1 day ago

The formerly named Northeast Gnome Integration Center has been renamed The Mutual Assembly Gnome Integration Center.

We reached a milestone in the bathroom with the help of the Thrice Great Tribe of Bees.

Today we received transmission on 10 incoming gnomes, 2 are yet unnamed.

L=, and Paul while still in development are good examples of my process around incoming gnomes.

It appears that some female gnomes have white beards (after a certain age). While some male gnomes enjoy more colorful beards, similar to the bright plumage of male birds in nature.

Sharing handwritten notes online is a vulnerable process. Handwriting analysis is something that I’ve looked into. Besides relearning cursive, my spelling errors and shifting penmanship that is affected by the dynamic environment of writing while in the field.

Preparing for tomorrow’s schoolhouse seed starts in the morning. In the afternoon, I believe gnomes will be joining us in transplanting a neighbor’s trees.

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